Capital Improvement Projects

Capital Improvement Projects

The City of Canal Winchester performs multiple capital improvement projects each year.  Capital projects include improvements to our infrastructure such as the transportation network, water distribution system, storm water drainage system, waste water collection system, water treatment facilities, water reclamation facilities, parks improvements and building maintenance.  These projects are investments in our community that help maintain the quality of life, safety and economic well being that the citizens and businesses of Canal Winchester have come to enjoy.

OPWC Round 31 Application

An application for funding of the Gender Rd. Improvements, Phase 4 project was submitted to the Ohio Public Works Commission on Sept.12, 2016.   The project consists of improvements to the Gender Rd. and Groveport Rd. intersection.  If the project is selected for funding and approved by City Council, design would start in 2017 with construction in 2018.  CLICK HERE to view the application. 

On December 16, Canal Winchester was selected to receive funding from the Ohio Public Works Commission for the project.


5 Year Capital Improvement Project Planning

The City of Canal Winchester establishes a five year planning document for capital improvements.  As improvement and maintenance needs are identified they are included in the planning matrix.  Cost estimates, potential funding sources, and time frames are identified to aid in the planning and budgeting efforts necessary to pursue these significant projects.  The 5 Year CIP plan is a dynamic living document and is updated and revised on an annual basis in an effort to best address the City’s infrastructure needs in the most responsible and efficient manner possible.  Click to view:  5 Year CIP plan - 2013
Current Capital Projects

The City of Canal Winchester utilizes a combination of resurfacing, pavement repairs and rejuvenation to deliver an efficient and cost-effective street program.   The total value of the 2017 program is $639,019.35. 

Work will include:

  • Paving on N. High St. from Waterloo St. north to the RR Tracks.
  • Paving on W. Waterloo St. from High St. to Washington St.
  • Paving in the Winchester Trace Subdivision to include: E. Hocking St., Kramer St., Kramer Ct., Jennings Dr., Jennings Ct., Cheney Mill Dr., Cheney Mill Ct., and Prentiss Place.
  • Paving of up to four courts in the Ashbrook Subdivision may includeBruns, Heffley, Burgstresser and Creek Cts.
  • Replacing the chip and seal surface on Oregon Rd. and Lithopolis Rd.
  • Pedestrian Crossing enhancements at Washington St. and W. Waterloo St. intersection.
  • Misc. pavement repairs, crack filling, or striping improvement at various locations in the City.
  • The Street Program also includes a multi-year sidewalk replacement program.  In 2017, areas of focus are Winchester Trace and East & West Waterloo Streets.